Preface with Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende & Rutger Baan Noaber


Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende

The future is something which everyone reaches
at the rate of sixty minutes an hour,
whatever he does, whoever he is.

C.S. Lewis

In this annual report for 2021, we look back on a period of 524,160 minutes or 8,736 hours. As in previous years, we have continually reflected on the essentials of our work. Are we still standing for what we want to stand for? Are we still achieving what we want to achieve? Do we see opportunities to drive change and are we contributing to improving health?

This is why we commissioned a study in our network that asked whether we are indeed contributing to improvements. The agency that carried out the study found, among other things, that we rate an 8.3 in this respect. I used to think that was a good mark at school and I still do.



Rutger Baan
Board member

The key is in not spending time,
but in investing it.

Stephen Covey

In 2021, we as a family foundation were once again able to invest time in achieving Noaber's mission: driving change, improving health. We are grateful for that. We are also grateful because our parents, the first generation, gave us the time to prepare to take over board responsibilities. We learned a lot from them. For example, the importance of believing in and looking for possibilities. And the importance of thinking in the long term, seeing a distant horizon. Meanwhile, we, the second generation, have already begun to give our children, the third generation, the same preparation in an appropriate manner.

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Preface with Matthijs Blokhuis Noaber


Matthijs Blokhuis

Driving change and improving health define both the role we want to play and the goal Noaber wants to achieve. This ambition is more relevant than ever! We put everything we have towards enhancing the health span of the general population and of every person that is part of that population. We strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation and the realization of our ‘Quadruple Aim.’ Not only through the activities and programs  supported by Noaber, but also by taking an initiating and accelerating role in enabling a system-based collaborative approach that integrates stakeholder interests and perspectives that provide the foundation with a sustainable transition.


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Transparency is the currency of trust.
Freda Lewis-Hall, MD
Chief Medical Officer Pfizer Inc.