General practitioners (GP’s) have less and less time for the core task of being a doctor for their patients. Healthcare is changing and practices are under pressure, while appropriate GP care remains very important for patients. It is defined by access to a doctor in the neighborhood who knows the patients' lives and is available for the long term.

Buurtdokters (Neighbourhood Doctors) is a network for and by GP’s. Together they work on their mission: easily accessible, long-term, and appropriate GP care for everyone. This starts with a committed team and a well-organized practice. Applying integrated solutions, overview is created and the GP is given time and flexibility so that being a practice owner becomes manageable and attractive. The team is relieved, work processes optimized and, if necessary, IT systems adapted. Follow-up, modernization, training, and guidance will be provided. Everything that is deployed is aimed at improving practice. And all this stems from a future-proof vision and in cooperation with care partners in the immediate vicinity.