Program: Population health

The HealthKIC Foundation was created at the initiative of Noaber and is now also facilitated by Menzis, PGGM, Alles Is Gezondheid, the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport.

Our health care system is designed to treat illness. As a result, we lack structural funding for programs that keep people healthy. Moreover, we do not sufficiently measure what does and does not work in the field of health interventions and we lack organizational power. This is why HealthKIC has developed the ‘Kavelmodel’. It adds a number of important and necessary preconditions to the current system. Moreover, it is a model that does not cause a revolution but gives an evolutionary nudge in the necessary direction. In 2021 a start was made to prepare two ‘kavels’: the Achterhoek (the Eastern part of the Gelderland Province) and the municipality of Ede.

Leonie Voragen and Carl Verheijen were guests in the SlimmeZorg podcast in which Arno Rutte talked with them about the Kavelmodel. In the podcast, they talk about how regional care can be organized differently and innovatively. The focus is on improving health within the regional context and working together with all stakeholders in the care and welfare sectors. That means that there is no room for non-commitment

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