January 26, 2021 was a special day. Noaber is a family foundation, founded by Paul and Mineke Baan. On Paul's birthday - he turned 70 - the parents transferred the board responsibilities to their children, the second generation. This meant that daughter Annelies and son Rutger became board members of Noaber (Rutger already was) and that Paul and Mineke increasingly distanced themselves from the organization. Of course, they are both still active and available for giving advice.

In 2021, we also celebrated our 21st anniversary. To mark the occasion, we released a special ‘triptych’. In a book, author Edwin Venema described the history of Noaber. Jan den Ouden provided the design and many of the illustrations. Pianist and composer Armin Seggers was asked to interpret the Noaber Journey musically. Finally, the third part of the triptych is a video featuring key people from the past 21 years, including Paul and Mineke Baan and a few of their children.

The composition, performed by Armin Seggers himself, and the video can be listened to and viewed via:

Spotify (music)
Vimeo (video)